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About me

My journey to photographer was an unusual one. I was not interested in photography as a child and how I came into it is quite mundane. During the last years of university I started doing web-design and sometimes, to implement my ideas and unable to rely on stock libraries, I was forced to pick up a camera myself. Essentially, it was out of desperation. My first digital camera was a compact, not a DSLR, but its capabilities were enough for me. I soon found photography to my liking and the career as a web designer soon ended. 

Krasnoyarsk city is quite small by Russian standards and it ceased to satisfy my needs as a photographer so I moved to the capital, Moscow. Thanks to my athlete friends in Krasnoyarsk, I became interested in shooting extreme sports. 

Since 2007 I"ve been working with Red Bull, which helps me to improve my skills not only in action sports, but photography in general. In recent years I travel a lot around the world covering many events. A highlight of that has to be a BASE jump project on Everest with the athlete Valery Rozov which I shot for Red Bull. To this day I do not think of photography as work – it’s my passion and my life.

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